“15 Minutes” Is Good for Your Creativity!

Please have a look at my “15 minutes” – an article about the “Visions of Artists Alive and Well” show last Saturday: http://www.eadolife.com/2012/01/25/arts-culture/art/art-show/visions-of-artists-alive-and-well (several pics of me, other artists and our work in the slide show at the top, plus a short piece about me, the show and Artists Alive & Well – no, I haven’t been painting 30 years, only since 2007!).

I firmly believe in acknowledging your own successes and in accepting all positive acknowledgements others give you. I don’t see how an artist can thrive creatively without this kind of nourishment. Maybe a driven “certifiable”¬†creative genius could, but not a more ordinary mortal like me.

I’ll let you know what kind of inspiration arises out of this little boost for my artist’s ego. ūüôā

Happy creating – Linda


Claim Your Title – Claim Your Greatness

Cosmic Spring, 18x24, (c) 2011

I have friends who are talented, powerful creative artists (and that’s not just my opinion)¬†— and who call themselves “dabblers.” I’m shocked to hear this. (I’m not naming names — you know who you are.) Why do they underrate themselves and their work?¬†Lack of assertiveness or self-esteem?¬†False modesty? Fishing for¬†someone¬†to call them out and insist that they ARE indeed artists? I have no idea.

In general, I’m never shy about claiming my title as an artist.

  • Am I a Great Artist? Probably not. That doesn’t mean I’m not one. Besides, I refuse to compare myself with other artists, living or dead, great or otherwise. Who knows what kind of art they’d¬†produce if they had my background. Maybe they’d be at the same stage in their career as I am now.¬†Conversely, if I’d lived in their time and¬†circumstances, maybe I’d have been a Michelangelo or a Mary Cassatt.
  • Am I the best artist Linda Posey can be at this moment? You betcha. I reserve the right to be proud of who I am as an artist RIGHT NOW. While my first goal is to create for my own satisfaction, I revel in every bit of positive feedback and every sale.
  • Am I the best artist I’ll ever be? I certainly hope not. Every time I paint, I feel like I expand my creativity and my power of artistic self-expression.

If you’re¬†creative, if you make any kind of art,¬†I urge you to claim your title as an artist. Not as an ego trip,¬†and certainly not as a¬†“box”¬†to limit yourself, but as an affirmation of what’s possible for you. Set aside the comparisons with others, the setbacks and criticisms you’ve endured in the past. Forget, for now, the future achievements you aspire to. Right here, right now — declare the possibility of your creativity, the possibility of your own greatness — or potential greatness. I AM AN ARTIST!

Happy holidays — and happy creating! — Linda

Expand Your Creativity – Gratitude

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving¬†weekend — filled with the 4Fs of any holiday — family,¬†friends, food and FUN. If you’re feeling reluctant to get back to the studio on Monday — welcome to the club! Me, too.

One suggestion to ease the transition from Holiday Play to High-powered Performance: Stop for a moment and remember all you had (and have) to be grateful for in your creative life. Not just the routine things you might have thought of or even shared around the Thanksgiving table, but the special things that make YOU the Creative Genius you are! Your unique sense of color, proportion and style. The feeling of your favorite brush in your hand. The lovely texture of that canvas or paper you’ll soon be christening with paint. The amazing painting or sculpture you just finished, started or dreamed up in your sleep last night.

Be grateful for every drop of creativity you posess, and every aspect of your life that supports you in manifesting and sharing that creativity.

Now get back to… Happy Creating! — Linda