Celebrating Creative Expression at Every Level

I’ve always seen creativity and its expression as a very individual phenomenon. I write and paint. You sing or design websites. Other individuals teach, build, cook, sell, engineer, raise families, dance, manage businesses, etc. Each of us is creative in our own way, and our individual creativity contributes wherever we share it.

AND our lives are made up of many levels beyond the level of our individuality – for example, we live in or participate in families, communities, societies, and ultimately, the whole world. Is it possible that all of our individual creations, taken together, are more than the sum of their parts and have impact at a broader level of our world? How do we encourage and celebrate this wider creative self-expression at every level?

I invite you to look at where your creativity lives. Where does your creativity contribute – in your family, your organization, your community? How might it be possible for your creativity, in partnership with the creativity of others, to have even more impact or to have impact at a wider level? AND how can we celebrate each and every one of these self-expressions for the amazing contribution that they are?


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