Happy Thanksgiving!

May your holiday be filled with joy, laughter, friends and family – a delightful dinner and a hearty helping of creativity.┬áMay all your culinary endeavors (and the guests who enjoy them) turn out delightful.

With gratitude to all the creative cooks who contribute their talents to making this holiday delicious! And to all the dedicated diners who share our tables today.



What Now?

What’s next? What do I have to say today? Why did I restart this blog anyway? And the big question, is anybody out there who gives a flip? Actually, that’s NOT the big question. The really big question is, Do I give a flip? I can make up all kinds of stories about why I don’t care or I don’t have time or I’m too busy, pre-occupied, stressed, etc. to blog today. On the other hand, my 1st post (in this new-blog era) went up a week ago today, and I’m committed to weekly blogging again. So I’ll face the blank screen and say SOMETHING, even if I’m talking to myself. This is my blog, my creative self-expression. And I care about my creativity and my commitment to it, even when it seems like I don’t. Enjoy, if you will – I enjoyed creating it!

Creativity Is Alive & Well – Yes, Yours!

Your creativity is always a part of you. Even when you don’t feel it or believe it, your creativity is there, waiting for you. It may be lurking in the shadows or popping out unexpectedly. It may take a form you’ve never dreamed of. But it’s there. It is who you are, so it’ll be there as long as you are. Watch for it, listen for it, open your heart to it at the faintest hint of its presence. Then nurture and celebrate it, no matter how soft or silly it seems. (This is a lesson I’m learning myself, again. I hope it will speak to you too.)