Inspiration Is Where You Find It

Vortices (triptych), Linda Summers Posey, acrylic, 30x15each, (c) 2011

I was skimming a list of calls to artists in my email, when one item grabbed my attention — an artists’ residency program at the Torpedo Factory, a well-known arts center in D.C. My usual reaction would be, “Forget that. I’m probably not qualified anyway.” But the criteria for this program clearly state that it’s open to emerging artists.

C’est moi! And if I don’t apply, some other emerging artist will get my spot.

Now, I’m open to the possibility. More importantly, I have fresh stimulus for my creativity. The application asks what you plan to work on during the residency. So I’m thinking about what new creations I want to play with, what new media I want to explore, new styles I want to invent — all because I read about this program.

I may or may not wind up applying — who knows, I may find a more suitable program somewhere else. But my creative juices are bubbling and whirling in whole new directions. So thank you, Torpedo Factory — perhaps we’ll meet this summer!

What stimulates your creative possibilities? Please share with us.

Happy creating — Linda


6 thoughts on “Inspiration Is Where You Find It

    • Hi IvonesioRamos — Did you click the link in the right-hand column that says “follow this blog”? If so, you should be “in” — and receive the next post. Please comment whenever you like, and share the blog with your friends and fellow artists. Artists who wish to be regular contributors should contact me directly, LSPosey (at) earthlink (dot) net. Thanks for your interest. Happy creating — Linda

  1. To everyone who asked about prints: YES – I do have some prints available now, including one of “Do not Go Gentle…” and one of “Vortices.” They’re high resolution giclees on nice heavy, high-end watercolor paper – but not so high-end as to be unaffordable. Ask about YOUR favorite piece – I might have a photo already or I can take one.

  2. Just reading this has inspired me, so there’s been a ripple effect! I don’t know you well, but we have mutual friends (Frieda et al) and I know I have spent time in your presence. I am i love with your paintings! And I’ve only seen a couple of small samples!

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Susan. Please visit my website ( or photo albums on my Facebook page ( to see more of my artwork. I had a look at your page and enjoyed your work. I grew up in SA.

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