Happy New Creative Year!

How can you make 2012 more creatively fulfilling?

I HATE the thought of making New Year’s Resolutions. They’re usually forgotten before I take the 1st step.

This year, I finally noticed the elephant in the room or, in this case, the house. I’ve had it up to here with clutter, the mass of “stuff” from long-term living in one home. So I did something I can only call a resolution — I “resolved” to reinvent my space. Yes, I mean clean it, clear it and organize it so it supports me, my life (including my spouse) and my art career. By IT, I mean everything in my environment — from cathedral-ceilinged living room to the tiniest cabinet, from my studio/home office to the garage.

What’s more, I’ve taken action! I hired a professional organizer who’s creating order at lightnight speed and coaching me to let go of everything useless, unnecessary and unadored. The public areas are already under control — and my art shows off nicely against the clear, open background of the living/dining areas. My studio is open and functional — though there’s still plenty to clear out there. Now we’re attacking the closets, cupboards and garage — the hidden spaces where clutter lurks, waiting to take over your life!

Why am I describing this in such detail? Of course, I’m proud of the good start I’ve made, and I want to encourage you to start something that will improve your life in 2012. Whether it’s cleaning up or taking a new art class or addressing a health issue, VALUE yourself and your creative life enough to do whatever it takes to preserve and enhance it. I’ll be reporting on my progress occasionally, and I hope you will too.

Happy New Year & Happy Creating — Linda


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