Fire Up Your Creativity — Play

The Lighter Side of Anger - (c) 2010

To me, playfulness is one of the hallmarks of creativity. That’s a pretty serious way of saying something I don’t want to be serious about at all.

Don’t get me wrong. Creating art is — on some level — hard work. AND if we don’t play at our work, it loses the vibrancy and energy of authentic self-expression. When does creative work become play?

  • Play is FREE. It’s uninhibited by rules, expectations (our own and others’) and the desire to live up to someone else’s dreams, desires and standards. We may take those factors into account, but we don’t allow them to limit our self-expression.
  • Play is FRIVOLOUS. It doesn’t mean anything. I may be creating the most “important” work of my career, but I try to remember that 500 years from now, this canvas will, in all likelihood, be consigned to a dusty attic, if not to a reclaimed landfill.
  • Play is FUN. At least for a moment, it takes you back to some childhood moment of giggling, giddy delight.

Play with your art. Those moments of free, frivolous fun are what creating is all about. And play with me on this blog. Your (playful – or serious, if you must!) comments are welcome.

Happy creating – Linda


4 thoughts on “Fire Up Your Creativity — Play

  1. I am in complete agreement with you. I always keep in the back of my mind that I am playing. It puts me in a fun, non-judgmental, focused state. When I play I can feel the adrenaline (creative juices” flowing, and when I tap into the unconscious then the real magic happens. Yes it is also work because it requires discipline and the commitment to show up to the canvas to play as often as possible. maybe years to continue as I continue to evolve.

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