Keep Your Creativity Alive – Leave the Past in the Past

Today’s post was triggered by a comment on an earlier post made by “surrealsol”:

“Early this year I got back into art after not being very engaged in it for many years… I had to get rid of all the preconceived ideas I had learned in my youth… I learned to focus on feelings… There were no expectations or mandatory rules to think about. This focus on feelings allowed me to have a freedom in art I had never experienced. It keeps everything fresh and experimental… Now I feel certain that art will always be a part of my life.” — surrealsol

The teachings, expectations, rules and preconceived ideas from the “gurus” of our youth are a powerful foundation for who we are as artists. Most of us wouldn’t be artists without the discipline of our art education. But that education can also become the concrete overshoes that sink us before we learn how to swim on our own.

Give yourself permission to transform those rigid rules into flexible guidelines, to experiment boldly with your art until you discover for yourself what works and what doesn’t work in your own creative self-expression. Do this, and you’ll unleash, as “surrealsol” did, a new freshness and freedom in your work, and perhaps a new commitment to your art career.

Happy creating, Linda


3 thoughts on “Keep Your Creativity Alive – Leave the Past in the Past

  1. Why not use your past as fuel for creative risk taking? Why not toss aside any and all gurus and seek out actual mentorship or authentic critique and review? It’s not enough to feel, but to push through to make that statement, to take the risk, to go to that dangerous place and bring life to the work.

    • Well said, Haggus Society. As the foundation for who we are as artists, I agree that the lessons of the past can fuel our creativity. In the present, mentors can support us in discovering which of our bold experiments work and which don’t. All this input, as well as both feelings and commitment, solid intelligence and bursts of brilliance, are needed to bring our work to life. Thanks for your comment.

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