Expand Your Creativity – Gratitude

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend — filled with the 4Fs of any holiday — family, friends, food and FUN. If you’re feeling reluctant to get back to the studio on Monday — welcome to the club! Me, too.

One suggestion to ease the transition from Holiday Play to High-powered Performance: Stop for a moment and remember all you had (and have) to be grateful for in your creative life. Not just the routine things you might have thought of or even shared around the Thanksgiving table, but the special things that make YOU the Creative Genius you are! Your unique sense of color, proportion and style. The feeling of your favorite brush in your hand. The lovely texture of that canvas or paper you’ll soon be christening with paint. The amazing painting or sculpture you just finished, started or dreamed up in your sleep last night.

Be grateful for every drop of creativity you posess, and every aspect of your life that supports you in manifesting and sharing that creativity.

Now get back to… Happy Creating! — Linda


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