Keeping in Touch with Creativity – Abundance

"Do Not Go Gentle..." (c) 2011

I don’t believe anyone has to “starve” or “struggle” to become an artist. Not that challenges and setbacks don’t feed who we are – and therefore feed our creativity. But we don’t have to take on those tough times as the core of who we are.

When I became an artist, I took a stand against perceiving myself as a “struggling artist” – even if it might seem true to the casual observer. To me, the opposite of the starving or struggling artist is the artist who’s alive and well – the artist who focuses on abundance wherever it occurs in her life, even if that’s only in a small corner.

In my opinion, even an artist whose work is dark needs a healthy dose of the abundance attitude. How can you create if you believe your own well of life is about to run dry?

I’m far more likely to create when I’m feeling strong and alive, rather than when I’m mired in negative feelings or debilitated by toxic circumstances that I’ve focused on. And what I focus on is entirely up to me.

As an abundant artist:

  • I choose to focus on seeing myself as talented and ever-growing, rather than on nitpicking my work to death. The worst painting I’ve ever made had something good about it and was far better than not creating at all.
  • I share about my art positively and enthusiastically. I don’t waste energy undermining my work or comparing myself negatively to others, especially in public!
  • I revel in the passion and joy that sustains me, rather than dwelling on the effort of finding a market for my art, developing a reputation or even capturing my own style on canvas. If I stopped to think about when I’ll sell the next piece, I’d stop at the studio door.

Do I maintain my abundance attitude consistently – or even daily? Not by a long shot. But that’s my goal. That’s one reason I started this blog – to help myself and other artists think, feel and act more abundantly. When I’m do that, my creativity soars.

“Turn the great energy of your thinking upon ‘plenty’ ideas and you will have plenty regardless of what men about you are saying or doing.” – Charles Fillmore

What keeps you feeling abundant and abundantly creative as an artist?

Happy creating – Linda


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