Celebrating Creative Expression at Every Level

I’ve always seen creativity and its expression as a very individual phenomenon. I write and paint. You sing or design websites. Other individuals teach, build, cook, sell, engineer, raise families, dance, manage businesses, etc. Each of us is creative in our own way, and our individual creativity contributes wherever we share it.

AND our lives are made up of many levels beyond the level of our individuality – for example, we live in or participate in families, communities, societies, and ultimately, the whole world. Is it possible that all of our individual creations, taken together, are more than the sum of their parts and have impact at a broader level of our world? How do we encourage and celebrate this wider creative self-expression at every level?

I invite you to look at where your creativity lives. Where does your creativity contribute – in your family, your organization, your community? How might it be possible for your creativity, in partnership with the creativity of others, to have even more impact or to have impact at a wider level? AND how can we celebrate each and every one of these self-expressions for the amazing contribution that they are?


Happy Thanksgiving!

May your holiday be filled with joy, laughter, friends and family – a delightful dinner and a hearty helping of creativity. May all your culinary endeavors (and the guests who enjoy them) turn out delightful.

With gratitude to all the creative cooks who contribute their talents to making this holiday delicious! And to all the dedicated diners who share our tables today.


What Now?

What’s next? What do I have to say today? Why did I restart this blog anyway? And the big question, is anybody out there who gives a flip? Actually, that’s NOT the big question. The really big question is, Do I give a flip? I can make up all kinds of stories about why I don’t care or I don’t have time or I’m too busy, pre-occupied, stressed, etc. to blog today. On the other hand, my 1st post (in this new-blog era) went up a week ago today, and I’m committed to weekly blogging again. So I’ll face the blank screen and say SOMETHING, even if I’m talking to myself. This is my blog, my creative self-expression. And I care about my creativity and my commitment to it, even when it seems like I don’t. Enjoy, if you will – I enjoyed creating it!

Creativity Is Alive & Well – Yes, Yours!

Your creativity is always a part of you. Even when you don’t feel it or believe it, your creativity is there, waiting for you. It may be lurking in the shadows or popping out unexpectedly. It may take a form you’ve never dreamed of. But it’s there. It is who you are, so it’ll be there as long as you are. Watch for it, listen for it, open your heart to it at the faintest hint of its presence. Then nurture and celebrate it, no matter how soft or silly it seems. (This is a lesson I’m learning myself, again. I hope it will speak to you too.)

Missing In Action – With Apologies to My Loyal Followers

Dear Fans of “Creativity Rocks Our World!” —

In case you were wondering (or not!), my blog posts really have been missing in action for a while. The reason is both simple and sad:

On February 13, I lost my dear husband of 42 years quite suddenly. I’ve discovered that NOTHING rocks one’s world like the loss of a beloved life partner. Fortunately, I’m able to deal with the shock, stress and grief in my own time and with the support of many dear friends. If you’re reading this, thanks for continuing to follow my blog and for your loyalty.

Rest assured that I’ll be back as soon as my energy and spirits have revived a bit.

Happy creating –


“15 Minutes” Is Good for Your Creativity!

Please have a look at my “15 minutes” – an article about the “Visions of Artists Alive and Well” show last Saturday: http://www.eadolife.com/2012/01/25/arts-culture/art/art-show/visions-of-artists-alive-and-well (several pics of me, other artists and our work in the slide show at the top, plus a short piece about me, the show and Artists Alive & Well – no, I haven’t been painting 30 years, only since 2007!).

I firmly believe in acknowledging your own successes and in accepting all positive acknowledgements others give you. I don’t see how an artist can thrive creatively without this kind of nourishment. Maybe a driven “certifiable” creative genius could, but not a more ordinary mortal like me.

I’ll let you know what kind of inspiration arises out of this little boost for my artist’s ego. 🙂

Happy creating – Linda

Showing Your Work as a Creative Process


Do Not Go Gentle, acrylic, 40x30, (c) 2011

An opportunity to show your work… is an opportunity to be creative. At the very least, showing your work is a way to acknowledge your creativity. That may sound like artist’s ego talking. Probably is. AND I believe that acknowledging your own creativity — affirming it, celebrating it, shouting it from the rooftops — is essential for an artist’s growth.

My creativity has felt a little stagnant lately, and one of the missing elements is not interacting with my work by putting it on public display. Selecting and arranging my art for an exhibit inherently involves taking a close look at my “babies” and giving them my own stamp of approval: This or that piece deserves the honor of being shown.

No matter how hard I am on myself — and I tend to be my toughest critic — when I enter a show, I have to engage with the work and discover something worthwhile. I have to admit that I LIKE this or that painting (or jewelry) enough to show it. I have to wire the painting, add a price card. I have to submit photos to the exhibit organizers. Most often, I have to pay for the privilege of publically saying I like these creations of mine.

As a stimulus to my creative process, choosing to enter an art exhibit is priceless! I’m in a show this weekend (see below for the “commercial” — you’re invited!). I can’t wait to see what happens next in my studio.

Happy creating — Linda

P.S. Houston art lovers — You’re invited to “Visions of Artists Alive and Well” on Saturday, 1/21, 1-5PM, at JoMar Visions, 902 Hardy Street. I have 7 pieces in the show, including my most recent work, “Do Not Go Gentle…” and “Vortices” (triptych), plus prints and clearance items. See you there! — Linda